8 Week Full Body Burn

A training guide designed to shred & stay on track!

About Workout Guide

Are you ready to take your training to a whole new level, or needing a huge boost of motivation?

I passionately strive to help Women and Men achieve their ideal body both aesthetically and functionally. I want you to feel good, not just look good! Full body burn with StephFit is a detailed one stop shop for all your fitness needs. Designed to target all areas of your body; boosting fat loss, an increase in lean muscle growth & improved muscle mind connection. This program covers the workouts, cardio and stretching.

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When you sign up with StephFit Full Body Burn Guide you’ll have access to the following:

  • Up to 5 workouts a week
  • 8 Weeks of workouts 
  • Over 100+ unique exercises
  • Videos of each exercise 
  • Cardio and abs in every circuit 
  • Designed to shred and stay on track
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Access on computer or smartphone

Workouts can be accessed on any device, anywhere while at the gym or home together with videos showing how to perform each exercise (internet connection required).

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